Vietnam: Round tables on Energy Access, Employment, and Air Quality and Health

The COBENEFITS Vietnam focal point GreenID in cooperation with the Independent Institute for Environmental Issues (UfU, Berlin) organized three COBENEFITS round tables with Vietnamese stakeholders in Hanoi, Vietnam.

During the first round table on Monday, 10.06.2019, the focus was on positive effects of renewable energy for the electrification of off-grid areas and energy access. On the following day, employment effects of RE development were discussed. Finally, the week closed with the third round table on co-benefits of RE development for air quality and health.

Many experts from different backgrounds, including science, administration, civil society, and business, participated in the interactive discussions and identified solutions and windows of opportunity for seizing co-benefits of RE development for different sectors in Vietnam. During the energy access round table, the diverse needs of different communities in off-grid areas throughout the country were identified. The participants also highlighted the importance of information and capacity building for local governments regarding RE development. Furthermore, the expert round table identified opportunities for integrating RE in national rural development strategies.

In the context of employment effects, the participants identified adopted education and development of skills of Vietnamese graduates and employees as a key factor to meet the needs of the RE sector and to generate positive effects for the Vietnamese job market.

In the round table on co-benefits for air quality and health, the Vietnam Environmental Administration presented the current issue of air pollution in Vietnam. Further experts presented data on the connection of air pollution and public health and it was discussed to what extend the development of renewable energy could provide for cleaner air in Vietnam.