Trainings on sustainable power system planning starting soon

Application deadline for India and Vietnam: 04.08.2019

In the framework of the COBENEFITS project, RENAC realises a number of online and face-to-face trainings in the partner countries. Starting in August 2019, the next trainings will focus on sustainable and integrated power system planning for the respective partner countries and will allow participants to get an in-depth view into co-benefits analysis and methodologies. More…

Registration open for co-benefits policy online trainings

Following the first module of the Co-benefits Online Training, COBENEFITS FUNDAMENTALS, this second module on COBENEFITS POLICIES starts on 06 May 2019.

COBENEFITS Policies consists of three online courses that cover different political frameworks, mechanisms and institutions which support climate protection strategies and measures, especially with regard to the deployment of renewable energies and the social and economic co-benefits related to it. Participants will need 40 hours study time for each of the three courses within the module. After completing the entire module, participants receive a certificate that awards them with qualifications gained therein. The three elective courses are optional and constitute a useful supplement to the training module on COBENEFITS POLICIES. Selected participants will have access to all six courses.

The application deadline for participants is 30 April 2019.

Participation in the online trainings is free of charge and includes access to texts and teaching videos, questions for self-study and a forum where participants have the possibility to discuss with the RENAC Online Team and fellow participants.

For more information, go to Trainings.


Successful start of COBENEFITS trainings in South Africa

The first face-to-face training session within the COBENEFITS project took place in Pretoria/South Africa in mid November 2018 focusing on future emplyoment in the power sector and needed skills for a clean energy future. 16 key stakeholders of relevant ministries in South Africa participated in the training. More…

Workshop on Health Co-Benefits at IASS Potsdam

12 &13th November, 2018
IASS Potsdam
Berliner St 130, 14467 Potsdam, Germany

On 12 and 13th November, 2018, a workshop titled “Human health, global environmental change and transformative action: The case for health co-benefits” was held at IASS Potsdam.

International experts from all over the world discussed the social and economic co-benefits of climate action and solutions for healthy cities and shared country-specific experiences from Vietnam, India, Georgia, South Africa, and Germany. The workshop was on invitation only. More…