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2020   |   India  |   Video

Video: Co-benefits of renewables in India

Mak­ing renew­ables a sucess for the peo­ple in India and recov­er­ing from the impacts of COVID-19: The video presents key find­ings from assess­ments on co-ben­e­­­fits of renew­ables for health, employ­ment, and ener­gy secu­ri­ty in India. […]

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2020   |   Turkey  |   Pub­li­ca­tion

Securing Turkey’s energy supply security and balancing the current account deficit through renewable energy

Turkey’s socio-eco­nom­ic growth has been accom­pa­nied by increas­ing ener­gy demand, there­by expand­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ties to enable mul­ti­ple co-ben­e­­­fits involv­ing both secur­ing the country’s future ener­gy sup­ply and util­is­ing local and clean ener­gy sources. The ener­gy tran­si­tion is induc­ing new invest­ments in the elec­tric­i­ty pro­duc­tion and infra­struc­ture sec­tors world­wide. By pre­dom­i­nant­ly rely­ing on fos­sil fuel resources […]

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2020   |   Viet­nam  |   Pub­li­ca­tion

COBENEFITS Policy Report Vietnam

The COBENEFITS Pol­i­cy Report for Viet­nam com­piles key find­ings from the COBENEFITS Viet­nam Assess­ment series, quan­ti­fy­ing the co-ben­e­­­fits of decar­bon­is­ing Vietnam’s pow­er sec­tor in view of future-ori­en­t­ed employ­ment and skills devel­op­ment and ener­gy access, unlock­ing devel­op­ment in rur­al areas relat­ed to a less car­bon-inten­­­sive pow­er sector.With its recent NDC update, the Viet­namese gov­ern­ment has made the […]

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2020   |   India  |   Pub­li­ca­tion

COBENEFITS Policy Report India

This COBENEFITS Pol­i­cy Report for India com­piles key find­ings from the COBENEFITS India Assess­ment series, quan­ti­fy­ing the co-ben­e­­­fits of decar­bon­is­ing India’s pow­er sec­tor in view of future-ori­en­t­ed employ­ment and skills devel­op­ment, eco­nom­ic pros­per­i­ty in rur­al areas, and health ben­e­fits relat­ed to a less car­bon-inten­­­sive pow­er sec­tor, which can be instru­men­tal in reviv­ing the nation­al health […]

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2020   |   Ger­many, India, Mex­i­co, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam

Neue Impulse für Wirtschaft und Gesundheitssysteme nach der COVID-19-Pandemie [German]

[Ger­man ver­sion. For the Eng­lish ver­sion of this paper, click here] Zurzeit lei­den viele Volk­swirtschaften über­all auf der Welt unter dem Aus­bruch von COVID-19 und den Fol­gen der Pan­demie. Das Virus hat ver­heerende Kon­se­quen­zen für Mil­lio­nen Fam­i­lien, Arbeit­skräfte und Unternehmen. Die lokalen Wirtschafts- und Gesund­heitssys­teme sind stark in Mitlei­den­schaft gezo­gen. Für den Wieder­auf­bau der nationalen […]

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2020   |   Ger­many, India, Mex­i­co, South Africa, Turkey, Viet­nam  |   Pub­li­ca­tion

REviving national economies & health systems following the COVID-19 pandemic

The new ener­gy world of renew­ables can pro­vide impor­tant stim­uli in recov­er­ing from the impacts of the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic, and can revive health sys­tems and nation­al economies — by boost­ing employ­ment, and unbur­den­ing nation­al health sys­tems through cut­ting health costs and reduc­ing the inci­dence of res­pi­ra­to­ry diseases. […]

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2020   |   Mex­i­co  |   Info­graph­ic, Publication

Co-Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies for Mexico

This report explores how the co-ben­e­­­fits of renew­able ener­gy and ener­gy sav­ing mea­sures can play an active role in con­nect­ing Mex­i­co’s ener­gy tran­si­tion with key devel­op­ment process­es and com­mit­ments that the coun­try has deter­mined. The under­ly­ing study pro­vides quan­ti­ta­tive evi­dence on the co-ben­e­­­fits of two ener­gy tran­si­tion path­ways relat­ed to the Ener­gy Tran­si­tion Law (lte), […]

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2020   |   India  |   Video

Video: How we benefit from renewables: Energy access in India

Chhaya Tiwari (36), com­mu­ni­ty leader in Fateh­pur, India, explains why she wants to con­vince more peo­ple in her dis­trict to use bio­gas and solar pow­er. By load­ing the video, you agree to YouTube’s pri­va­cy pol­i­cy.Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube […]

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