Infographics: Turkey Industrial Development


Turkey can sig­nif­i­cant­ly boost the val­ue of pro­duc­tion by increas­ing the share of renew­ables. By 2028 it is pos­si­ble for the solar ener­gy sec­tor to increase its val­ue by 9.9 bil­lion USD above the expect­ed 1.3 bil­lion esti­mat­ed under the cur­rent pol­i­cy, if more ambi­tious solar capac­i­ty addi­tions are achieved. Like­wise, the wind sec­tor could peak to a total val­ue of 83.5 bil­lion USD from the expect­ed 33.32 bil­lion USD in the next ten years should RE capac­i­ty addi­tions are in place.



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