COBENEFITS Policy Report Vietnam

The COBENEFITS Pol­i­cy Report for Viet­nam com­piles key find­ings from the COBENEFITS Viet­nam Assess­ment series, quan­ti­fy­ing the co-ben­e­fits of decar­bon­is­ing Vietnam’s pow­er sec­tor in view of future-ori­ent­ed employ­ment and skills devel­op­ment and ener­gy access, unlock­ing devel­op­ment in rur­al areas relat­ed to a less car­bon-inten­sive pow­er sector.With its recent NDC update, the Viet­namese gov­ern­ment has made the social and eco­nom­ic oppor­tu­ni­ties of cli­mate action cen­tral to the country’s endeav­ours — an aspi­ra­tion that is not yet refl ect­ed by the new NDC’s lim­it­ed lev­el of ambi­tion. This COBENEFITS pol­i­cy reports seeks to acti­vate these untapped poten­tials for both the cli­mate and the peo­ple of Viet­nam through the polit­i­cal imple­men­ta­tion of Vietnam’s updat­ed NDC.



COBENEFITS Pol­i­cy Report Vietnam

COBENEFITS Pol­i­cy Report Viet­nam (Viet­namese version)

Exec­u­tive Summary

Exec­u­tive Sum­ma­ry (Viet­namese version)


Year of pub­li­ca­tion:  2020

Edi­tors: Franziska Sper­feld, Sarah Kovac, Fabi­an Stolpe, Sebas­t­ian Hel­gen­berg­er, Minh Anh Nguyen, Lau­ra Nagel – UfU and IASS

Sug­gest­ed cita­tion: IASS/UfU/GreenID. 2020. Mak­ing the Paris Agree­ment a suc­cess for the plan­et and the peo­ple of Viet­nam. Unlock­ing the co-ben­e­fits of decar­bon­is­ing Vietnam’s pow­er sec­tor. COBENEFITS Pol­i­cy Report. Potsdam/Hanoi.