Connecting opportunities with interests in the new energy world of renewables

Cli­mate pro­tec­tion mea­sures and strate­gies can deliv­er numer­ous ben­e­fits: from improve­ments in human health to few­er con­flicts over resources, and a reduced depen­den­cy on ener­gy imports. Cli­mate pol­i­cy should place a greater empha­sis on these social and eco­nom­ic effects.

Year of Publication

Hel­gen­berg­er, S., Jänicke, M. (2017): Mobi­liz­ing the co-ben­e­fits of cli­mate change mit­i­ga­tion: Con­nect­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties with inter­ests in the new ener­gy world of renew­ables. — IASS Work­ing Paper, July 2017.DOI:


IASS Authors
Dr Sebas­t­ian Helgenberger
Prof Dr Mar­tin Jänicke