Secure and Sustainable Energy in a Water-Constrained World

The glob­al water needs of the ener­gy sec­tor are large. With­out pol­i­cy changes, they will con­tin­ue to grow. But already today, water con­straints pose a threat to a secure elec­tric­i­ty sup­ply. In many parts of the world, droughts and heat waves have led to forced reduc­tions in pow­er generation.

Year of Publication

Röhrkas­ten, S., Schäu­ble, D., Hel­gen­berg­er, S. (2016): Secure and Sus­tain­able Ener­gy in a Water-Con­strained World. — IASS Pol­i­cy Brief, 2016, 1.DOI:


Beteiligte Mitar­beit­er
Dr Sebas­t­ian Helgenberger
Dr Sybille Röhrkasten
Dr Dominik Schäuble