Social Benefits of Renewable Energies

Boost­ed by impres­sive tech­no­log­i­cal inno­va­tion and cost reduc­tions, renew­able ener­gy in a grow­ing num­ber of coun­tries is now pri­mar­i­ly con­sid­ered for its social and eco­nom­ic ben­e­fits. Among these ben­e­fits are oppor­tu­ni­ties for local val­ue cre­ation, for respond­ing to grow­ing ener­gy demands and for reduc­ing con­flicts over scarce water, which are aggra­vat­ed by fos­sil pow­er gen­er­a­tion. Allow­ing for dis­trib­uted elec­tric­i­ty gen­er­a­tion, the rapid­ly expand­ing renew­able ener­gy world is open­ing up busi­ness mod­els for many, includ­ing local com­mu­ni­ties, cit­i­zens and cit­i­zens’ coop­er­a­tives. Domes­tic ener­gy pol­i­cy can shape the enabling envi­ron­ment to seiz­ing the social ben­e­fits of renew­able energy.


Year of Publication

Sebas­t­ian Helgenberger