Social Performance of Renewable Energy for Communities in Mexico

Increas­ing the Social Per­for­mance of Renew­able Ener­gy Projects for Com­mu­ni­ties in Mexico

While the expan­sion of the renew­able ener­gy sec­tor in devel­op­ing coun­tries like Mex­i­co is para­mount and needs to scale up to con­tribute to the tar­gets of the Paris Cli­mate agree­ment by decar­boniz­ing ener­gy sys­tems, this process must not leave local com­mu­ni­ties behind and pre­vent them from achiev­ing well-being.

The social and eco­nom­ic co-ben­e­fits of renew­able ener­gy, such as employ­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties and cost sav­ings, have been iden­ti­fied for Mex­i­co. But the ways in which  these oppor­tu­ni­ties will mate­ri­al­ize for com­mu­ni­ties is depen­dent on an appro­pri­ate enabling pol­i­cy envi­ron­ment. Thus, pol­i­cy mak­ers need to advance solu­tions that allow the growth of the renew­able ener­gy sec­tor togeth­er with pos­i­tive Social Per­for­mance, name­ly solu­tions that place the needs of cur­rent and future  gen­er­a­tions at the heart of renew­able ener­gy projects.


Year: 2022

Author:  Almu­de­na Nunez, Insti­tute for Advanced Sus­tain­abil­i­ty Stud­ies (IASS)

Edi­tors: Sebas­t­ian Hel­gen­berg­er and Lau­ra Nagel (IASS)

Sug­gest­ed cita­tion: IASS. 2022. Increas­ing the Social Per­for­mance of Renew­able Energy
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