COBENEFITS talk series in the US

February 2018

At the invitation of the American Council on Germany (ACG), COBENEFITS project leader Sebastian Helgenberger gave a series of talks in the US on the social benefits of renewable energies, sharing international experiences from the COBENEFITS project as well as lessons learned from Germany’s Energiewende.

Social and economic co-benefits continue to drive renewable energy investment in the US, despite difficult climate policy environment under Trump

With reference to the history of Germany’s energy transition(Energiewende) from the 1970s on, Helgenberger explored the societal drivers of Germany’s Energiewende as well as the resulting social benefits and economic transformation. Against the background of an accelerating transition to renewables in many countries worldwide, he also looked at how the co-benefits of renewable energies, from health and well-being to community empowerment, employment and local value creation, have been debated in the context of climate policy and the current political environment in the US.

The talks were held in February 2018 at Boston University (BU), Brandeis University, Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Philadelphia Warburg Chapter, Washington Warburg Chapter/Northern Virginia Regional Commission, with a supplemental working meeting with the multiple benefits group at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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