Green ideas exchange with international students at IASS

Winners of the idea contest with COBENEFITS research associate Ayodeji Okunlola

On September 6, 2018, we welcomed a group of students from Turkey and Slovenia at the IASS. After an introduction about the institute and the COBENEFITS project by scientific director Ortwin Renn and COBENEFITS research associate Ayodeji Okunlola, the teenagers pitched their own ideas for an opportunity-oriented clean energy transition in their countries.

From sustainable water usage deals between government and farmers to energy generation with biodegradable waste in remote communities, the students came up with remarkable solutions. The winners of the informal contest pitched their idea for green energy clubs at schools in Turkey with which they would hope to raise awareness at an early age.

In times of partially challenging diplomatic relations and the urgent need for climate action, we believe that exchanges like this can play an important part in building opportunity-oriented partnerships and raising the ambition level in future generations.