Virtual Policy Dialogue India

Vir­tu­al event on Feb­ru­ary 10, 2021  |  09:00–10:45 AM (CET)  |  1:30–3:15 PM (IST)

Host­ed by The Ener­gy and Resources Insti­tute (TERI) India and the Insti­tute for Advanced Sus­tain­abil­i­ty Stud­ies (IASS) Germany

India along with many economies around the world is being severe­ly affect­ed by the spread and impacts of the glob­al COVID-19 pan­dem­ic. A new Pol­i­cy Report pub­lished by TERI and IASS sug­gests that the new ener­gy world of renew­ables and the decar­bon­i­sa­tion of India’s pow­er sec­tor have strong roles to play in reviv­ing the econ­o­my and the health sys­tem by boost­ing employ­ment, fos­ter­ing rur­al elec­tri­fi­ca­tion as foun­da­tion of local val­ue cre­ation, and, impor­tant­ly, unbur­den­ing nation­al health sys­tems by reduc­ing the preva­lence of res­pi­ra­to­ry diseases.

India can dou­ble the num­ber of jobs through the pow­er sec­tor by 2030, and save around 2 Lakh pre­ma­ture deaths relat­ed to air pol­lu­tion by 2050 by fol­low­ing an ambi­tious decar­bon­i­sa­tion path­way. On top of that, renew­ables improve the reli­a­bil­i­ty of ener­gy sup­ply in rur­al areas of India, reduc­ing the num­ber of black­outs expe­ri­enced with grid elec­tri­fi­ca­tion to a third. COVID-19 has put India’s econ­o­my and health sys­tem under enor­mous stress — by unlock­ing these oppor­tu­ni­ties, the gov­ern­ment will pro­vide impor­tant stim­uli for a green and sus­tain­able recov­ery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic to re-ener­gise the health sys­tem and the nation­al economy.

The vir­tu­al pol­i­cy dia­logue will present key find­ings on the socio-eco­nom­ic oppor­tu­ni­ties relat­ed to dif­fer­ent renew­able ener­gy path­ways for India, along with chal­lenges and pol­i­cy options to real­ize these oppor­tu­ni­ties for peo­ple of India. The event is orga­nized by The Ener­gy and Resources Insti­tute (TERI) and the Insti­tute for Advanced Sus­tain­abil­i­ty Stud­ies (IASS) Pots­dam in the con­text of the inter­na­tion­al COBENEFITS project under Germany’s Inter­na­tion­al Cli­mate Ini­tia­tive (IKI) with the sup­port of the Indo-Ger­man Ener­gy Forum (IGEF).


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