Petersberg Climate Dialogue: „Speed up Transformation to Boost Co-Benefits“

Visual depicting the co-benefits of climate change mitigationDur­ing the Peters­berg Cli­mate Dia­logue IX that took place in Berlin on 18–19 June, 2018, min­is­ters from all regions of the world came togeth­er under the head­ing „Chang­ing togeth­er for a just tran­si­tion“ and acknowl­edged the oppor­tu­ni­ties of ear­ly cli­mate action. The COBENEFITS project had con­tributed to the dia­logue with a brief­ing paper for the min­is­ters, cre­at­ed togeth­er with the Fed­er­al Min­istry for the Envi­ron­ment, Nature Con­ser­va­tion and Nuclear Safe­ty (BMU).

Chan­cel­lor Merkel stressed that „cli­mate action is a mat­ter of both eco­log­i­cal neces­si­ty and eco­nom­ic ratio­nal­i­ty.“ Min­is­ters fur­ther­more rec­og­nized that „cli­mate action is already deliv­er­ing ben­e­fits for soci­eties such as improved health, envi­ron­men­tal qual­i­ty and com­pet­i­tive­ness of their econ­o­my. These ben­e­fits would be boost­ed by speed­ing up the transformation.“

We ful­ly sup­port those con­clu­sions and we were hap­py to con­tribute to the discussion.

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