Workshop on Health Co-Benefits at IASS Potsdam

12 &13th November, 2018
IASS Potsdam
Berliner St 130, 14467 Potsdam, Germany

On 12 and 13th November, 2018, a workshop titled “Human health, global environmental change and transformative action: The case for health co-benefits” was held at IASS Potsdam.

International experts from all over the world discussed the social and economic co-benefits of climate action and solutions for healthy cities and shared country-specific experiences from Vietnam, India, Georgia, South Africa, and Germany. The workshop was on invitation only.


Agenda Health Co-Benefits Workshop

Introduction_Workshop on human health, global environmental change and transformative action_The case for health co-benefits

Setting the Scene: Co-Benefits of Climate Action – 5 Propositions

Barriers to and opportunities for the consideration of health co-benefits in the development of climate change mitigation policies

Climate Change in Vietnam_Scientific Facts and Policies

Clinical Climate Impact Research – The Lungs as the Portal Organs, Heat and Air Pollution

Evidence of green space co-benefits for human health in cities – the linkages between the urban ecosystem and public health resilience

Framing Health COBENEFITS in climate change dialogues for developing countries_A case from South Africa

Framing of health co-benefits_perspectives from the international policy arena

GREEN and CLEAN Hospitals

Health and Climate Change_Georgia’s challenges and development priorities

Health Benefits Related to a Less Carbon Intensive Power Sector in South Africa

Health Co-Benefits_Experiences from the Climate and Clean Air Coalition

Public Health Relevance of Air Pollution

Study of Health Impact of Low Carbon Power Sector in India

Surveying Perceptions_Connections between air quality, mobility, and human health

The role of public health professionals as advocates_ A case study of urban nature-based solutions

Urban Green Infrastructure: co-design for water and health co-benefits

Climate Resilient Cities are Healthy Cities